Mental Health and Our Community


We are passionate about the mental health field and helping those in need. Dr. Tezonia Morgan developed Divine Teas by Dr. T to accomplish two life missions, which are to heal and to help. The journey to healing is truly individualistic and rewarding.


Drinking Divine Teas by Dr. T paired with therapy and other holistic modalities can assist consumers naturally alleviate some mental health symptoms. Keep Going: Chai Sensation has ingredients to level and elevate moods. Unbothered: Liquid Chill Pill's ingredients assist with naturally relaxing.



There are times when we all will need help. We believe in leveraging those who need assistance. With mental health as the way to our heart, we plan to assist individuals pay for counseling services or past due bills for counseling through donations.

Our Pledge

Divine Teas by Dr. T will donate $5.00 from every sale to a nonprofit that helps individuals pay for counseling services.